Instructor - Marketing

Fox Valley Technical College

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Position Details

Instructor - Marketing
Northeast Wisconsin
Appleton, WI

This position is responsible for the delivery of instruction and facilitation of student learning, and the on-going development of curriculum and learning strategies which meet the needs of students and employers.

38 Week Contract


  • Facilitation of Learning. Plan, prepare and deliver instruction and facilitate the learning of students in associate degree, technical diploma, continuing education, and/or contract training programs. Assess the learning outcomes of students at the unit, course, and program level. 
  • Curriculum Development. Develop, revise, and continually update curriculum and instructional materials which are competency-based, current, consistent with employer expectations, and aligned with the college policy on level of required documentation. 
  • Classroom Management. Fulfill assigned schedule, maintain accurate student attendance and grade records, maintain instructional environment, and ensure opportunities for student/participant evaluation. 
  • Interpersonal/Team Skills. Participate in activities of the instructional team, including planning, development, scheduling, and budgeting as a cooperative and professional team player. 
  • Business/Industry/Community Linkages. Develop and deliver customized training for various clients as needed and maintain involvement with business/industry/community through advisory committees, marketing and recruitment efforts, and professional associations and organizations. 
  • Student Support and Guidance. Advise and support students as a mentor and role model in the achievement of their learning and career goals. 
  • Professional Development. Participate in professional development activities which provide for continually updated knowledge and skills for the role of the contemporary instructor as directed by one’s Individual Professional Development Plan.


  • Hands-on experience with executing digital/social media campaigns, creating content, and the associated technology preferred. 
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing or in related and appropriate field; Master’s Degree preferred. Minimum of three years of occupational experience in the field of the program or programs being taught, of which at least one year shall be within the last five years. (One year of related occupational experience may be waived with at least two years of post−secondary teaching experience in the appropriate occupational field within the last five years), OR
  • An equivalent combination of education, training and experience from which comparable knowledge may be required. 
  • Teaching or training experience is desirable. Ability to plan, organize, instruct, and facilitate quality education programs, including development of relevant curriculum. 
  • Upon hire, must maintain Faculty Quality Assurance System requirements and licensure required by other agencies to maintain individual and program accreditation, if applicable.


  • Success and commitment as a team player, including the ability to engage in win-win thinking and to foster consensus. 
  • Flexibility in schedule, including availability for evening and weekend assignments. 
  • Flexibility, including the acceptance of and willingness to change. 
  • Demonstrated ability for written and oral communication with students, staff, employers and other external entities. 
  • Proficiency in computer use and applications which support teaching and learning.
  • Highly motivated with strong interest in contributing to the success of students and the college. 
  • Ability to work with diverse student, staff, and community populations. 
  • Understanding and successful use of learning technology, both on-line and as a tool for distance education. 
  • A record of innovations which will facilitate student learning. 
  • Demonstrated development of course materials and assessments of student learning. 
  • An educational philosophy which places the primary emphasis on student learning in the design, delivery, and evaluation of courses. 
  • Willingness to take risks and try new things. 
  • Willingness to accept responsibility for professional and personal growth. A commitment to the mission, purposes, and values of the college.

Pay: $77,700.00 - $101,300.00 per year. Pay is based on a multitude of factors, including experience, qualifications, education, relevant certifications, internal equity, and market data. Note: Internal applicants' wages will be based on the applicable compensation structure.

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