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About G2:

G2’s real-time and unbiased user reviews help you objectively assess what is best for your business. Until recently, selecting business solutions was hard, risky, and inherently biased. G2 empowers business buying decisions by highlighting the voice of the customer. Our review platform leverages more than 933,700 independent and authenticated user reviews read by nearly 3 million buyers each month. Our model brings transparency to B2B buying - changing the way decisions are made.


Position Details

Jr. Copywriter
Chicago Illinois
Chicago, IL

About the Role:

G2 is looking for a savvy and smart wordsmith to join our brand and buzz team. This person will, first and foremost, be an excellent writer. An excellent writer can take a 150-word paragraph from a Wikipedia article and rewrite it into a 50-word paragraph without sacrificing its meaning. This person will be able to work independently while also collaborating with a flexible team.


  • This person will also be familiar with the core formulas, principles, tactics, and techniques of direct-response copywriting, which will compel the reader to take immediate action in an email or on a landing page, for example. 
  • This person will also know how to create branding campaigns for billboards, commercials, and online banners. 
  • This person will also be nice, considerate, and flexible. 
  • The Jr. Copywriter will work closely with almost every team in the company, including executive stakeholders.


  • 1-3 years of copywriting experience. 
  • Excellent organizational skills to work independently and manage projects with many moving parts, as well as to organize multiple team members.

Why we love G2:

G2 was founded to create a place where people will love to work. We strive to create meaning in work and provide more than just a job: a true calling. G2 is a place where people can be authentic and grow, find meaning and passion in work, and be motivated to succeed by a supportive group of coworkers. We pride ourselves on creating an environment where people can enjoy coming to work every day, by supporting our employees in their professional and personal lives.

Our Process:

We encourage all candidates to review our interview process to best prepare themselves on what to expect as a candidate of G2.

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