Manager of Marketing & Online Sales

Florence Eiseman

Florence Eiseman is a 74-year old company located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that designs, manufactures, and sells classic children's clothing to a wide array of customers who value quality, tradition, and design. We believe children should look like children and enjoy a little whimsy in their clothing. Our clothes have been worn by generations of children ranging from celebrities and prominent people like Carrie Fisher, Caroline & John Kennedy, Princess Grace of Monaco’s children, and Rockefellers. Most recently, Eiseman clothes have served as the official White House baby gift during the Obama administration.

We sell through major department stores (Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, Barney's) and high-end children's boutiques nation-wide. Currently, Eiseman is the longest continuously selling brand at Neiman Marcus going back to the 1950s. Our e-commerce business was launched in recent years and is currently the largest growth sector of our business.

Position Details

Manager of Marketing & Online Sales
Southeast Wisconsin
Milwaukee, WI

The Manager of Marketing & Online Sales (MMOS) is responsible for the development and execution of Marketing Plans that incorporate both wholesale and retail online sale strategies, while focusing on e-commerce marketing and sales. The MMOS is responsible for maintenance and growth of the E-commerce business and manages all web activity. The MMOS reports directly to the President and is a member of the Management Team.

Responsibilities include:

1. Develop and execute a comprehensive marketing plan for both wholesale sales and e-commerce that includes active social media presence.

2. Produce Sales Brochures for Sales Reps each season, including development of digital assets usable by reps with their retail customers. Digitized sales tools need to provide additional sales opportunities.

3. Manage all ecommerce business, including development and execution of Online marketing strategies and plans, creating a schedule of weekly promotions, (emails & Social media posts) including definition of themes and working with subcontracted digital support team to optimize all promotions to increase sales. Maintenance of the website, organizing garments on the site, & other website related tasks that arise.

4. Oversight of photography of all garments by collaborating with Website Fulfillment & Customer Service Manager to orchestrate photoshoots with child models, select photos to be used on website, sharing photos through Dropbox, and loading photographs onto website for ongoing and promotional use.

5. Work with Shopify Service representative to optimize its features. Support opportunities to enhance Customer Service reputation of Florence Eiseman through Trustpilot Reviews, executing various customer surveys, etc.

6. Plan and execute periodic special sales including semi-annual Online Factory Sales, periodic Sample Sales, etc.

7. Work with President and Web Fulfillment and Customer Service Manager to order e-commerce garment inventory each season

8. Support all Customer Service activity to ensure optimal experiences for all customers

9. Merchant Collaborations - Work with established vendors to optimize sales. Investigate opportunities for additional web-exclusive merchandise partnership potential

10. Design and order supplies for online shipping, etc.

11. Work with outside digital contractors to optimize digital and social media exposure

Candidate Qualifications:

1. BA or higher degree in marketing

2. 3 years e-commerce marketing experience, apparel industry preferred

3. Expertise in all social media platforms to optimize omni-channel sales

4. Ability to collaborate with co-workers, vendors, and potential brand influencers

5. Ability to lead a team, set goals, and strategize to success.

Competitive with industry standards and candidate experience.

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