Marketing and Event Coordinator

UWM College of Engineering

UWM is a doctoral/research intensive university and Wisconsin’s premier public urban institution, offering a comprehensive liberal arts, sciences and professional education at the undergraduate and graduate level to nearly 26,000 students. UWM has earned the highest rating for a research institution from the Carnegie Classification of Institution of Higher Education, often referred to as R1 status. UWM is one of only 115 R1 institutions. The College of Engineering & Applied Science consists of seven departments—Biomedical Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. The College has approximately 1,750 undergraduate students and 450 graduate students, both Master’s and Doctoral.

Position Details

Marketing and Event Coordinator
Southeast Wisconsin
Milwaukee, WI

Provide support to the marketing director for many of the College of Engineering marketing and communication functions. Collaborate across the college and campus to engage and expand the college’s many audiences, managing effective communication and marketing efforts while under tight deadlines. Provide leadership for the college’s many and varied events, managing the planning, organization, communication and execution of these important activities. Audiences for these events include prospective, admitted and current students, alumni, members of industry, government and our community and faculty and staff. Responsibilities include marketing and communications support, social media management, and event planning.

Marketing and Communications Support 65%

  • Assist with marketing and communications functions within the department, across many, varying initiatives. 
  • Demonstrate excellent writing and proofreading skills: this role provides support to the college’s marketing team in writing and proofreading brochures, invitations, emails and other collateral, as needed. 
  • Manage the MyEmma CRM databases of audiences, assuring that lists are up-to-date and relevant. 
  • Build and deploy emails from the MyEmma CRM system. 
  • Manage YouVisit 360-degree virtual tour tool, measuring effectiveness and assuring engagement. 
  • Manage marketing swag (giveaways), suggesting and ordering relevant and engaging promotional items. 
  • Develop and manage an awards strategy to assure that our college’s faculty and staff are nominated for external and internal awards, as appropriate, in a timely fashion each year. 
  • Manage movement of faculty posters around the EMS building.

Social Media Management 10%

  • Develop and implement plans for the college’s social media accounts. 
  • Develop and execute specific marketing plans for target markets and channels. 
  • Develop, monitor and report metrics to measure effectiveness of marketing activities across social media platforms.

Event Planning 25%

Create and execute dynamic event plans to engage a variety of the college’s audiences. This includes working with appropriate colleagues to understand the purpose of each event, including goals and objectives, and what past best practices were. Using this information, create and share a plan with goals, objectives, tactics and metrics for success for each event. Execute the plans, including:

  • Reserving any rooms, halls, furniture, structures and food and beverage needed.
  • Create and execute communication plans to reach target audience. This could include environmental signage and messaging, targeted emails to existing and new audiences, development of mailing lists, direct mail, PR, university wide communication and other methods of relevant communication.
  • Oversee and manage development and deployment of all communication and event collateral. This could include invitations, notices, confirmations, reminders, post-event thank-yous, signage, event brochure hand-outs, gifts and event videos.
  • Engage staff and faculty in the college and across campus to execute elements of the event plan, as needed. This includes excellent follow-through to assure that all involved are aware of who the audience is, have clarity around their role in the event and that they are in place and ready to engage when guests arrive.

For broader UWM events, where the College of Engineering & Applied Science is working within an event created by the university, work with campus partners to understand the event, the audience and the desired outcomes and develop and execute activities for the college within the broader initiative. Events include, but are not limited to:

  • Current student events: Party on the Plaza, Order of the Engineer=
  • Prospective and admitted student events: Go, Meet and See Milwaukee;
  • Alumni, industry and community events: Panther Prowl, post Panther Prowl Open House/Wisconsin Science Festival, Maker Faire MKE, Doors Open MKE

Minimum qualifications include:

A bachelor’s degree; Evidence of excellent written communication skills as measured by analysis of cover letter, resume and samples submitted; Experience in event planning; Evidence of providing marketing support; Evidence of proficiency in computer utilization, including Microsoft Office programs.

Preferred Qualifications include:

Evidence of excellent verbal communication skills; Demonstrated organization ability to successfully complete projects and prioritize multiple tasks; Evidence of excellence in event planning; Experience managing social media accounts; Proven ability to work collaboratively in a fast-paced environment with a diverse group of professional colleagues; Previous experience working in a higher education environment in a marketing or communication function; Demonstrated ability to transition between lead and support roles.

75% effort position offers full University Staff benefit package with salary and paid time off pro-rated. View benefits at

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