Marketing Automation Specialist

Bulk Reef Supply

About BRS:

Our efforts at BRS are focused on providing high value products and solutions as well as valuable information that make reefing fun and easy. We are committed to helping fellow hobbyists achieve the best possible success with their own tanks. This is why we invest our time and effort into producing BRStv, staffing our customer care team with knowledgeable hobbyists and only stocking products and brands that we, as reefers, use and trust.

Who we are:

We are a group of passionate, ambitious and fun-loving people who are committed not only to growth and success, but having a really great time while we're at it. On any given day, a walk through our office will show you a reef tank (or two) on nearly every desk, lively collaboration and discussion, and likely a few science experiments happening in the back.

Where we came from:

Based in Minnesota, Bulk Reef Supply was started in 2007 by two friends, Ryan Batcheller and Andrew Duneman, who were seeking a unique entrepreneurial opportunity. Ryan, a reef hobbyist, was tired of adding numerous foods to his tank to properly feed his corals. Through trial and research, he created a well-balanced, affordable and easy solution. BRS Reef Chili Coral Food provided reefers with one food source to keep all the corals and fish healthy and colorful. More quality products were added like high purity BRS Aquarium Additives and Filtration Media as well as our Reverse Osmosis/Deionization water filtration systems. We found our passion for reefing in an e-commerce platform and haven't looked back.

Position Details

Marketing Automation Specialist
Twin Cities Metro
Golden Valley, MN

General Description:

This position will be responsible for overseeing and implementing all non-technical aspects of the HubSpot tool for Bulk Reef Supply. The role serves as the subject matter expert regarding B2C and B2B automation, workflows, templates and web forms.

Primary Responsibilities:

Automation Product Owner

  • General admin for HubSpot for the Marketing, Customer Service and Wholesale departments
  • Point person for best practices and use cases that drive sales and engagement
  • Ensures all platforms within the business communicate with each other to discrepancies

General Inbound Marketing

  • Email and Social media campaign development through deployment, and analysis
  • Template creation including some graphic design
  • Workflow creation and optimization, targeting customers with personalized CTAs

Testing and Analysis

  • A/B testing campaigns for campaign continuous improvement
  • Audience segmentation and optimization to increase effectiveness
  • Reporting on performance, including recommendations to leadership team

B2B Marketing

  • Lead scoring execution, ensuring qualified candidates are prioritized and contacted
  • Marketing and Wholesale marketing promotional coordination
  • Backup for Wholesale relationship management

Work Experience and Abilities Requirements:

  • 3+ years of hands on experience in managing digital marketing automation programs such as SEO, shopping channels, Retargeting
  • Strong Analytical skills
  • Experience managing platforms such as Google Analytics, HubSpot, as well as the ability to make recommendations for usage and/or review of new applications to manage the digital channels effectively
  • Ability to manage to budget and ROI targets
  • Ability to communicate proactively with the Leadership Team regarding ROAS and Budgets
  • Certified in Google Analytics is a plus!
  • Strong interpersonal, written and oral communication skills.
  • Organized, detail oriented and ability to concentrate on fine detail with interruptions.
  • Thrive in a self-directed/motivated entrepreneurial environment.
  • Demonstrated ability for planning, organizing and managing projects to meet deadlines.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Demonstrate ability to interpret and solve tactical problems, resolving problems and issues from experience or using a variety of resources.

Education, Certifications and Other Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s (Associates) Degree in Marketing or related field, preferred; or an equivalent combination of skills, training and experience.

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