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Talimer, a recently launched startup, is blowing up what’s wrong with the “gig economy.” We’re putting freelancers first in a unique marketplace that offers tech professionals access to jobs, benefits and more while making it easier for businesses to secure hard-to-find, on-demand resources. Talimer is growing and empowering a diverse community of freelancers so that they can feel fulfilled, confident and secure.

Talimer Believes: We believe in inclusion. We also believe it is the responsibility of the people in power to make it happen. This isn’t a new belief. It’s something we have been dedicated to in our professional lives for years. And we’re tired of how long it’s taking for America to make real progress. That’s why inclusion, diversity, equity and access are priorities for our team, and in the freelancers we support. More opportunity for all means a better world for all. Everyone deserves an equal opportunity to kick ass.

We believe in integrity and trust. Say what you do and do what you say. It’s a simple lesson you learned young, and it’s also at the heart of every successful business relationship. We’re here to do what’s right, not just what makes the most money. Expect straight talk, no B.S., and promises kept.

We believe people come first. In a world where marble-hearted corporations often treat people like numbers on a spreadsheet, we take a different approach. Connection, support, and being encouraged to be unapologetically yourself are what build enthusiasm, loyalty and commitment among teams. When you have that, profits and success follow. Because then you have people who are willing to go the extra mile, and the last painful inch, to get across the finish line.

Position Details

Marketing + Business Development Internship
Southeast Wisconsin
Milwaukee, WI


The Marketing + Business Development Intern (M+BD Intern) supports the execution of Talimer’s marketing activities in collaboration with other members of the Talimer team. In addition, the role supports the CEO and COO to identify, prioritize and apply to various fundraising and pitch opportunities. The role will also have the opportunity to work with other members of the Talimer team.

During this 20 hour per week remote internship, the Talimer M+BD Intern attends daily standups, a bi-weekly 2:1 with the CEO and COO, and collaborates with Talimer team members while working independently.

Expectations & responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Share project progress at daily standups. Talimer uses an agile project management approach and works in 2-week sprints. The team is using project management software.
  • Utilizing Hootsuite, schedule and post social media content weekly. Monitor and manage the platforms for opportunities to engage and interact. Work with the team to enhance outreach tactics, find and present opportunities to grow communities and engagement meaningfully.
  • Report weekly and monthly on social media performance. Present reports to the team that track performance against KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and industry benchmarks as well as suggest opportunities for improvement. 
  • Track and report website performance leveraging Google Analytics in collaboration with other team members. Ensure appropriate tags are implemented for tracking of key site actions/behaviors. 
  • Support other marketing areas as time permits.
  • Explore funding opportunities (grants, accelerators, pitch competitions and conferences) and keep leadership apprised of deadlines. Work with co-founders to prepare content for applications.
  • Share your ideas, gifts and goals with the team, let us support your professional growth with our knowledge and experience. 
  • Push yourself, fearlessly dive into challenges, take initiative and question with confidence.
  • Learn and teach. We know you don’t know it all, but your experience and education can inform our decisions and perspectives. We welcome your opinions, thoughts and candid input. We encourage both curiosity and clarifying questions.
  • Communicate professionally to outside contacts as a representative of Talimer

Ideal candidate is:

  • Inquisitive, curious and observant.
  • Passionate about innovation and inclusion.
  • Pursuing (or recently completed) a degree in marketing, communication, advertising, journalism, business or related field - or unrelated field… you tell us why your education is relevant!
  • Active on social media platforms and familiar with social community management including use of tools like Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Keyhole, Buffer, etc.
  • Detail-oriented and conscientious about proofing/spell checking regularly.
  • Interested in the inner workings of business in general, and startups specifically.
  • Ready to make an impact and propel the organization forward while leveling up personally.

$10-$13/hour depending upon experience and qualifications.

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