Marketing Communications Specialist

Liturgy Training Publications

About Liturgy Training Publications:

Liturgy Training Publications (LTP) is a not-for-profit agency of the Archdiocese of Chicago. Since 1964, LTP has shared the mission of fostering love and care for the liturgy. We have assembled many faithful and creative people to help Roman Catholics learn to participate in the Mass fully, consciously, and actively, as the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy (14) directs. LTP has worked to provide effective liturgical catechesis for communities.

Position Details

Marketing Communications Specialist
Chicago Illinois
Chicago, IL

Liturgy Training Publications is seeking a Marketing Communications Specialist to execute the overall marketing plan and to evaluate its effectiveness, including direct mail, email campaigns, copywriting and editing copy related to various markets. The position will work closely with the Digital Marketing Specialist and assist with development and execution of any specialized marketing efforts. The position requires someone who can manage multiple promotions from creation through implementation and analyze the results.

This position will assist in preparing the yearly promotion and print advertising plan, determining which products will be promoted and the tools to use for promotion. The position will utilize public relations tools to increase awareness of new products. Direct mail list creation and management is a key responsibility.

Experience Required:

A college degree in marketing, communications or business administration. Experience in print production, direct mail and advertising. Writing experience with press releases along with copy writing and editing experience.

Additional Requirements:

Knowledge and understanding of Catholic religious practices, and parish and diocesan structure. Strong verbal and written skills with the ability to communicate with others. Ability to coordinate and prioritize multiple projects to completion. Fluency in English and bilingual (Spanish), is a plus.

Our organizational culture is a great fit for individuals that believe in our mission and enjoy working in a collaborative environment. We value accountability, respect and support of each other to reach our goals. As an agency of the Archdiocese of Chicago, we offer outstanding health, paid time off and retirement benefits with a recognition of the need to balance work and life.

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