Islands of Brilliance

Islands of Brilliance (IOB) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides unique learning and social engagement opportunities for neurodiverse students through a person-centered approach that allows individual interests and capabilities to flourish. Our programming, rooted in art, design and STEM-based curriculum, helps children and young adults on the autism spectrum learn valuable technical skills, while practicing critical social and emotional learning competencies in a supported environment. From foundational workshops featuring 1:1 mentorship for students beginning at age 8 to work-based transition opportunities through our more rigorous Digital Academy program, we offer a robust menu of programs that help build the technical and social skills needed to thrive, whether it be in the workplace or actively engaged in the community.

Position Details

Southeast Wisconsin
Milwaukee, WI

Islands of Brilliance mentors:

• Provide mentorship to students with autism during art and STEM related workshops

• Facilitate engagement with professional level software and technology— help students access the software in order to create something around their area of interest

• Build relationships with students while working together during learning experiences that produce a creative piece of work

• Provide a welcoming and safe space for participants and families from all locations, backgrounds, and beliefs

• Collaborate with IOB staff and students to understand the participant’s needs, goals, and challenges; work with staff to help guide students in progress towards these goals, as a result of their participation in an IOB workshop

What you’ll receive:

• Support from IOB staff through online meet up and individual check ins before, during and after workshops; mentors will learn coaching techniques that are adaptable to any situation—professional or personal—in the areas of communication and learning

• Access to IOB’s mentor community; mentors are encouraged to share tips and support one another

• The opportunity to network with other creative and development professionals

• An opportunity for personal and professional growth through a unique experience; our mentors report the following benefits from their involvement with IOB:

- Improved creativity at work

- Improved leadership skills at work

- Improved communication skills at work and personally

- Changed perception around the capabilities of people living with autism

What you’ll need:

• A reliable personal computer and internet connection

• Access to software specific to your area of expertise (discussed on an individual basis)

• Zoom desktop app

• A webcam and audio


• Foundation Design Workshops: $100 stipend for each workshop, once the mentor commitment has been met. Workshops range from 6-8 hours of programming, over the course of 6 days.

• Digital Academy: $300-$500 stipend for each workshop, once the mentor commitment has been met. Workshops range from 20-30 hours, during a one week “sprint” OR over the course of a 12 week period, 2-4 hrs per week.

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