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Position Details

Project Manager
Southeast Wisconsin
Milwaukee, WI

We are seeking a highly collaborative and flexible self-starter to coordinate individuals and teams in creating and delivering multichannel projects and campaigns across multiple accounts. You will be responsible for planning, organizing, managing and executing projects from beginning to end. This includes developing and managing detailed estimates and schedules throughout the duration of the project. You will employ abroad and flexible toolkit of techniques, resolving complex, interdependent activities into tasks and sub-tasks that are documented, monitored and controlled. You are the hub that all other aspects of a project revolve around, helping to ensure the agency delivers the highest quality work to our clients on time and on budget. This position requires experience across all types of agency deliverables, including but not limited to website and app development. Experience with Advantage software preferred.


  • Coordinate, create and manage detailed and accurate estimates and SOWs across all agency project types.
  • Continuously monitor quoted vs. actual reports to proactively intervene before a project goes out of scope.
  • Establish accurate agency budget benchmarks by project type for speed and ease of ballpark estimating.


  • Create and manage detailed and accurate timelines for all project types and team members.
  • Monitor workflow, resourcing and project status daily to ensure the work stays on time and on budget.


  • Use and embrace software like Advantage but don’t let it dictate the constantly evolving process of how work moves through a fast-paced agency environment.
  • Collaborate hands-on and proactively with all project team members to ensure work is flowing through the system without bottlenecks.
  • Seamlessly move across the multiple technology platforms different clients prefer, including but not limited to Trello, Basecamp, Workfront, etc.


  • Own and continuously improve the multiple processes of the agency, helping teams to learn and follow RACIs.
  • Be rigid in project accountability but flexible in how the work gets done, adjusting the agency’s process to the specific needs of each client when necessary.


  • Own and run weekly status updates with the account planning and management, public relations and media teams.
  • Set up structure for and ensure all aspects of the project are kept in the proper cloud and/or server-based systems.

Digital Specific:

  • Accurately scope and efficiently manage highly complex website and app development projects.
  • Understand and implement different development methodologies (waterfall, agile, scrum, etc.) depending on the needs of each digital project.
  • Use workflow technology like Trello to greater depth to manage individual tasks with designers and developers.
  • Work across multiple CMS platforms with an in-depth knowledge of WordPress.
  • Identify, coordinate and manage outside digital design and development partners when necessary.


  • Project management experience in an advertising agency or fast-paced client environment preferred.
  • Knowledge of managing all project types, from traditional to experiential to digital.


  • Four-year university or technical college degree in related area of study preferred, but proven experience trumps education.
  • PMP, agile, scrum master certifications preferred, but on-the-job experience is most important.

Excellent salary and benefits including health, dental, life and disability insurance, 401(K) plans, and paid vacation including Christmas to New Year’s off.

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