Public Relations & Content Manager

Moon Landing

If your brand disappeared tomorrow, what would the world be missing?

With our help, the answer always reveals an undeniable truth that ignites a brand story. With this lens, we then creatively and passionately inspire or re-inspire that non-contrived truth and emotionally position it as a brand’s cause with a higher purpose that moves key constituents to join your brand journey. And, they will come, because we believe a brand is more powerful when it’s built on a just cause, rather than the typical marketing rhetoric that falls on deaf ears.

In the end, our goal is to make everyone feel like they’re not selling or being sold. Simply said, we’ll take your business endeavor and turn it into an inspired human one. With our public relations slanted branding model fueled by world-class creativity through the lens of news, we’ve become an award-winning and globally recognized leader in helping varied brands, trades and consumers, orchestrate stories that beg to be shared.

Position Details

Public Relations & Content Manager
Southeast Wisconsin
Milwaukee, WI

Moon Landing is an uncommon Branding and Public Relations agency. Our operation is where data-informed storytelling meets emotional connection. What truly sets us apart is our relentless pursuit of our clients’ ‘Why’ - identifying what the world would be missing if they disappeared from the world tomorrow. The Public Relations & Content Manager turns that undeniable truth into a supply that powers a steady stream of compelling campaigns and ongoing, opportunistic stories.

The right candidate will have a passion for building brand stories that are newsworthy in and of themselves. They’ll then oversee the multi-channel activation of that brand story through media relations, social media, events, paid media, internal communications. This position will report to the Chief Executive Officer/Chief Creative Officer.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Building a strong relationship with the client roster, developing a deep understanding of their business objectives and developing a plan for turning their ‘Why’ into stories that reach their target audience segments. 
  • Having a strong nose for news. The right candidate will have the ability to find the inherent newsworthiness in a client’s story, people, products, and services. -Ability to organize: the Public Relations & Content Manager creates and oversees the execution of defined content strategies for each of our clients. 
  • Having demonstrable proficiency in the areas of: digital (primarily video and social media), SEO, metrics analysis and reporting, and audience segmentation. 
  • Strong writing ability: From press releases to presentation decks, there must be consistently strong, creative, and compelling writing that sticks with both current and potential clients. 
  • Monitor, Learn, Adapt: In this role, it’s vital to constantly have an ear to the ground, knowing when best practices are changing and applying new thinking to keep the agency’s services fresh. 
  • Contributing as needed to the development of new business leads and presentations to help land those prospects.

The ideal candidate will have a strong background in content strategy, knowledge of journalism standards and metrics analysis and reporting. Should also have great familiarity with both long-form and short-form content creation across a variety of channels. Experience and ability recording and editing video is a huge plus but not a requirement.

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