Senior Account Manager

Strategic Partners Marketing, LLC

Strategic Partners Marketing and Impact Academy are in the process of becoming Soul Seed.

Soul Seed is a transformational brand strategy, marketing, and business coaching firm that helps purpose-driven leaders and companies to grow and scale with-profits rooted in purpose. We do this by partnering with clients to create and implement more effective marketing strategies that are rooted in that brand’s authenticity and that deliver measurable results.

Strategic Partners is a business coaching, brand strategy, and marketing firm that believes that business success is rooted in understanding the reason why the business exists, and then engaging that life-force to fuel the strategy.

As such, we attract growth-minded clients who care about connecting with clients on an authentic level and driving profits from that purposeful place. Profits rooted in purpose. The intersection of heart and mind, soul and strategy.

Position Details

Senior Account Manager
Southwest Wisconsin
Remote or Madison, WI

Who We’re Seeking:

We’re seeking a fast-starting, multi-tasker who thrives in an agency or similar environment managing 8-12 clients at a time. To be successful in this role, it will require: Strategic thought, relentless attention to detail, embracing a consultative mindset and approach, thinking 3 steps ahead, and being able to articulate these ideas, strategies, and recommendations both internally and externally, backed up with a solid strategy for why the recommendation is being made. We are a culture of people who seek to continue growing ourselves, our company, and our clients.

We are looking for an individual who is a leader within their role while also being company-forward and demonstrating teamwork and alignment to the company vision.

Personal Responsibility: Demonstrate a high level of personal leadership and responsibility to fulfill commitments at or above expectation, according to agreed-upon timelines.

Personability: Ability to establish authentic connections and rapport quickly with clients and prospective clients.

Multi-Task: Ability to effectively manage multiple tasks and clients with multiple components in an upbeat fast pace atmosphere.

Strategic Thought & Guidance: Strategic thought and attention to detail, ability to articulate the strategy and recommendations based on clear reasoning, along with detailing the accompanying next step comprehensive action plan.

Adaptability: Ability to be resilient, agile, flexible, adaptable to change.We work in a very fluid environment, and plans change quickly based on client needs so it is important to be able to evaluate and manage priorities.

Business & Marketing Acumen: Eagerness to stay on top of marketing trends including digital, social media, and email marketing and possess the ability to translate how those trends apply to each clients’ strategic plan. This will require the development of comprehensive and cohesive marketing plans and proposals based on business goals.

Consultative Sales Process: Demonstrate ability to conduct consultative conversations, effectively diagnosing the business and marketing gaps and opportunities, and propose a strategy with accompanying tactical marketing plan to achieve goals. This requires being well-versed in comprehensive marketing approaches.

Team Guidance: Ability to not only communicate brand, strategy, and goals to teammates who carry out implementation, but also to collaborate with them and provide ongoing feedback to ensure deliverables are strategically aligned and meet the needs of the client.

In this senior-level position where the magic of intuition and gut instinct meets the power of the strategic mind, the ideal candidate will understand how to see the big picture, as well as the step by step plan needed to achieve that vision.

You will engage a combination of people skills, strategic thought, and powerhouse project management skills daily. Your role is the quintessential meeting of intuition and creative direction.

This senior-level role will require you to meet directly with prospective clients to conduct business needs analysis and then work with the internal team to develop a strategic plan to achieve their business objectives. You will work directly with clients, ensuring that deliverables and results are achieved.

You will project manage projects internally with the team, ensuring that all elements of the comprehensive plan are working together to achieve client goals.

The ideal candidate will work with a fierce passion on behalf of our clients as the gatekeeper of their marketing strategy, ensuring that all forces are proceeding forward to deliver results.

You will be responsible for conducting consult meetings and making appropriate recommendations to the client, creating and presenting proposals, building and maintaining relationships, project managing the execution of marketing campaigns among members of the team, and, at times, performing some of the execution yourself.

We are looking for someone who is a problem-solver and self-starter who needs to be managed minimally. We will provide the training and mentorship you need and are looking for someone who desires to grow. At SPM, we value a culture of learning and care in a flexible and supportive work environment.

This position requires someone who can see the big picture with our clients and be able to effectively execute elements of the plan and project manage elements among the team. You will be able to articulate how the strategies we are pursuing are helping clients to achieve their goals.

The ideal candidate will be a competent leader able to provide guidance that enhances performance in a manner that incorporates the company’s vision and culture. The position will be 40 hours per week. While the hours are flexible with up to 100% remote available, if you are within the Madison, WI area, you will be required to work from office at least 1 day/week for team in-office days.


  • Conduct consultative sales calls and meetings by phone, video, and in person.
  • Develop detail-oriented, integrated recommendations and proposals tied to clear strategy for presentation to the client.
  • Create comprehensive data-driven marketing strategies and plans using multiple data points (Google Analytics, sales trends, social media stats, market research, online leads).
  • Project manage the execution of marketing strategies within the team, ensuring that all deadlines are adhered to and that all work is delivered at or above expectation in alignment with the client brand and the goals of the marketing plan; this will at times include execution of various aspects of the plan yourself.
  • Communicate with clients and serve as liaison between client and internal SP team to ensure that all parties are on the same page and moving toward the defined goals.
  • Project manage the execution of marketing strategies within the team, which will at times include executing various aspects of the plan yourself, which may include: 
  • Collaborate with team members on the design and implementation of business plans and strategies to promote the attainment of goals. 
  • Report to clients on statuses of campaigns, providing ongoing consultation to retain the relationship and continue moving progress forward.


  • Associates, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in marketing, small business management, communications, digital marketing, public relations, communications, or a related field 
  • 4+ years of related work experience; previous agency or marketing director experience preferred.
  • Excellent organizational and leadership skills. 
  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal abilities, including the ability to clearly and compassionately articulate the following in oral/written format: 1) Feedback to team members regarding project statuses, timelines, and deadlines; execution of work; and ongoing skill and strategy development; 2) Project objectives and action steps via email and Slack. 
  • Excellent knowledge of MS Office, Excel, and preferred knowledge of Excel formulas. 
  • Proficient at developing, managing,and overseeing implementation of comprehensive media plans that include various tactics such as social media, broadcast, print, email marketing, digital marketing, graphic design, web design, and SEO. 
  • Understanding of when to utilize various marketing and communications strategies, how they are implemented, and how they are measured. 
  • Solid grasp of interactive media, including various pricing models, targeting technologies, and ad serving. 
  • Grasps various marketing and sales tactics and understands when to utilize them. 
  • Able to create a step-by-step organized marketing plan for recommendation to the client, and for the team to execute. 
  • Effective communicator with ability to articulate complex topics simply and succinctly. 
  • Detail-and results-oriented, embracing a salesperson mentality. 
  • Ability to work individually with strong time-management abilities. 
  • Can collaborate effectively with other team members, including the Founder, Business Manager, Digital Marketing Strategist, Web Designer, and Marketing Assistants. 
  • Experience with developing and maintaining client and vendor relationships. 
  • Reliable transportation, which (at times) may require 40+ miles of travel to meet with clients. 
  • Preferred: understanding of research methods and marketing data analysis techniques. 
  • Preferred: understanding of media strategy, public relations strategy skills, strong writing and editing ability, strong understanding of digital marketing.

Salary Range:

  • Base + commission based on accounts managed + bonuses based on team performance
  • First-year earnings projected at $60,000-$75,000+ depending on experience; potential to grow into much higher earnings.
  • Paid vacation 
  • Paid holidays 
  • Company-sponsored Health Reimbursement account to provide toward health insurance or other health-related expenditures 
  • Company provided Health Savings Account 
  • Paid sick/personal days 
  • Work Anniversary celebrations 
  • Semiannual team retreats 
  • Flexible work environment and hours 
  • Phone & mileage reimbursement

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