Senior Designer/Art Director

Agency Squid

Agency Squid is adding tentacles. Could that, possibly be you? Before we tell you what we’re looking for, let us sell ourselves a bit.

Who’s Agency Squid? Maybe you’ve heard of us. Maybe you even know us. Typically, we’re submerged beneath the surface but today we’re coming up for air. We’re built to dive deep into strategy and arrive at not only the right creative direction – but the right business solution. Getting beneath the surface of a brand is where the real opportunities rise.

We are creative agnostic. Industry agnostic. And rely on everyone around the table to contribute, including our clients.

Position Details

Senior Designer/Art Director
Twin Cities Metro
Minneapolis, MN

And now our team is growing, and we might need your help. We’re looking for:

  • Experience in brand design and digital design to campaign development. 
  • Willingness to not only help concept but get in the weeds to execute. 
  • Eagerness to learn, grown, and adapt regardless of experience. 
  • Competitive by nature and holds themselves accountable. 
  • Passionate and versatile about their work, and certainly not afraid to bring their whole selves to work and push back on what they believe in. 
  • Has a side-hustle and/or volunteers outside work.

Obviously, you’re a unique individual and bring something completely different to our team (seriously, we can’t afford not to have that). When it comes to skills and expertise we’re generally looking for:

  • 5 to 7 years of agency experience (but portfolio and its versatility matters more than your resume) 
  • Can articulately rationalize design thought (where an idea comes from and why it would be impactful in the world)
  • A solid understanding of traditional and digital mediums 
  • Aspirations to be more than a designer

Agency Squid offers competitive pay, flexible work environment, side-project support, and a whole host of other things. End of the day we’re not able to do what we do without the people who help us get there.

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