Senior Designer

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Us: Start-up boutique design agency with an obsession for brilliantly simple design, a love of wicked problems and a cool client list from chocolate to babies to lipstick.

You: Besides being an insanely skilled design professional, you’re a perfect combo of:

28% Passion and Drive

10% Coffee (or Tea) Addiction

18% Social Media Craving

44% Insatiable Curiosity

Position Details

Senior Designer
Chicago Illinois
Chicago, IL



Job Description:

As a leader of a fun, talented, and nimble team, you will be required to wear a number of hats. One day you might focus on delivering competitive assessments and designing Brand Identity for a Fortune 500 client. On another day, you might be leading an innovation session with an in-house Design team, or conducting rapid prototyping exercises with consumers. You will report directly to our Art Directors and work under the wing of company Principals, all while learning faster than you can think and getting paid to do work that you love.

Success Looks Like:

  • Your team members and clients love you, you get them, and you’re invaluable to them. 
  • We’re continuing to build an amazing design agency that sets the bar and has jealousy-inducing work to show for it. 
  • We’re known as the experts in designing brands that are easy to recognize, easy to recall, and easy to love. 
  • Your clients say you “are a proactive business partner first, who just happens to be really great at design.” 
  • We keep getting smarter and more effective in how we know the market, approach ideation, execute gorgeous design, and collaborate with other creative agencies. 
  • You’re learning like crazy and having a lot of fun!

Role Requirements:

  • Fluent in the language of design, with a design degree and killer portfolio to prove it.
  • Advanced knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat) and MS Office Suite (bonus points for PowerPoint chops).
  • Loves trends and the practice of design in a deep (kind of obsessive) way. Has been at it professionally for at least 3+ years.
  • Ability to write and communicate clearly and concisely. Enough said.
  • Can research and synthesis detailed information, from packaging to qualitative and quantitative data.
  • Takes the lead role in projects, working directly with clients while managing other team members.
  • Ability to see projects through from concept to production, all while managing multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Dislikes complexity and the status quo. Loves to experiment and isn’t afraid to fail.
  • Is in, or can be in Chicago.

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