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Strategic Partners Marketing, LLC

Strategic Partners Marketing and Impact Academy are in the process of becoming Soul Seed.

Soul Seed is a transformational brand strategy, marketing, and business coaching firm that helps purpose-driven leaders and companies to grow and scale withprofits rooted in purpose. We do this by partnering with clients to create and implement more effective marketing strategies that are rooted in that brand’s authenticity and that deliver measurable results. The intersection of heart and mind, soul and strategy.

Position Details

Senior Digital Marketing Strategist
Southwest Wisconsin
Remote or Madison, WI

What it takes to be successful here:

Honesty with us and yourself.

Commitment to follow through.

Commitment to personal growth within your role.

Alignment with company values:

Think & Act Strategically: Thinking & Acting strategically is demonstrated by thinking through why you are doing what you are doing and how it fits in the puzzle for client success. This also includes engaging strategies that help you maximize your time and support your best work-flow.

Intrapreneurship: Growth minded and Innovative in your role within the team. Motivation:Self-starter that is regularly motivated to fulfill your tasks because you see the dots for how your contributions support client goals, company goals, and your goals.

Passion: Passion is demonstrated by bringing some sparkle to your role; you are interested and engaged in the work you are doing and in the goals of the company. It’s demonstrated in how you feel and show up emotionally and energetically, resonating passion for what the company stands for and the work that we do.

Accountability: Accountability is demonstrated by taking responsibility for your actions. We hold ourselves accountable for results, we caringly hold team members accountable, while also holding clients accountable for what they are responsible for, in order for the partnership to be a success.

Caring Communication: SP engages a caring culture that is demonstrated through flexibility and also in how we communicate internally and externally. Care is demonstrated by displaying kindness and concern for others while also being transparent, honest, and direct in our feedback and communications. We communicate directly because we care about the success of the company, for the clients, and the success of our fellow colleagues and the team as a whole.

Does understanding target audiences and how to create a step by step digital strategy that connects with them and leads to conversions, thrill you? Do you thrive at the intersection of brand + business strategy + digital marketing? Are you a quick starter who thrives in a fast-paced environment?

We’re seeking a highly-skilled self-starter who takes pride in executing top-quality work, a strategic thinker with intermediate to advanced digital marketing experience to collaborate with senior leadership to improve our digital marketing processes and to develop and execute client digital strategies.

In this senior-level position, the core brand essence meets the power of strategy and analytics. The ideal candidate will understand how to see the big picture, as well as the step by step needed to achieve that vision.

The ideal candidate will understand all key components of digital marketing and be able to diagnose gaps/opportunities in each area:

  • The brand messaging – you’ll be able to evaluate if the message is aligned, authentic, and converting 
  • The marketing tactics – what needs to be tweaked in the funnel? 
  • The monetization – how do the ads lead to profit? 

You will provide direction to and collaboration with account managers as you oversee, manage, and execute the digital marketing strategies.

The ideal candidate will:

  • Know how to look at data and diagnose the issues, gaps, and opportunities 
  • Be able to map a client funnel Be able to evaluate a funnel and identify where there are gaps/opportunities 
  • Be able to see the big picture and break it down into bite-size action steps 
  • Be able to break down complex strategies and technical components and articulate and simplify what they mean, to team members and clients 
  • Be able to have a business conversation and create relevant suggested digital recommendations based on those goals 
  • Be able to work directly with senior leadership to improve internal digital marketing processes 
  • Will ideally have expertise in Google Advertising 
  • Will ideally have expertise in Facebook/Instagram advertising strategy and implementation 
  • Will ideally be proficient in interpreting Google analytics data 
  • Will possess a thorough understanding of landing page design best practice 
  • Will possess knowledge and ability to implement A/B testing, review and interpret data 
  • Will be well versed across a variety of email marketing platforms 
  • Will possess knowledge of LinkedIn advertising strategy 
  • Will have experience with YouTube video marketing 
  • Ideally will be Google Ads certified 
  • Will understand search engine optimization best practices 
  • Will align to our culture and will embrace being a transformational work environment (over transactional) 

We are looking for someone who is a problem-solver and self-starter who needs to be managed minimally. You must be extremely skilled at self-management and time management and can be relied upon to meet KPIs while thriving in a remote environment.

The ideal candidate will be a competent leader able to provide guidance that enhances performance in a manner that incorporates the company’s vision and culture. The position will be 40 hours per week however you are trusted to manage your time working more or less as needed to achieve your KPIs, goals, and deadlines. While the hours are flexible with up to 100% remote available within the US, if you are within the Madison, WI area, you will join the team in office 1 day/week for team in-office days.


  • Associates, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Marketing, Small Business Management, Communications, Digital Marketing, Communications, or a related field 
  • 3+ years of related work experience; previous agency or related digital strategy experience 
  • Excellent organizational, analytical, and leadership skills 
  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal abilities, including the ability to clearly and compassionately articulate the following in oral/written format: 
  • 1) Feedback to team members regarding project statuses, timelines, and deadlines; execution of work; and ongoing skill and strategy development 
  • 2) Project objectives and action steps via email and Slack 
  • Excellent knowledge of MS Office, Excel, and preferred knowledge of Excel formulas 
  • Strong digital marketing strategy knowledge + implementation expertise to include: 
  • 1) Proficient in Google Advertising strategy + implementation 
  • 2) Proficient in Facebook + Instagram Advertising strategy + implementation 
  • 3) Proficient in interpreting Google analytics data 
  • 4) Understanding of landing page design best practice 
  • 5) Ability to implement A/B testing, review and interpret data 
  • 6) Well versed across a variety of email marketing platforms 
  • Grasps various marketing and sales tactics and understands when to utilize them 
  • Effective communicator with ability to articulate complex topics simply and succinctly 
  • Ability to work individually with strong time-management abilities 
  • Experience with developing and maintaining client and vendor relationships 
  • Preferred: 
  • 1) Knowledge of LinkedIn advertising strategy 
  • 2) Experience with YouTube video marketing 
  • 3) Google ad certifications 
  • 4) Understanding about Search Engine Optimization best practices, strategy and implementation


  • Work with account managers to conduct consultative strategy meetings with clients/prospective clients by phone, video, and in-person 
  • Develop detail-oriented integrated marketing recommendations and proposals tied to clear strategy for presentation to the client 
  • Create comprehensive data-driven digital marketing strategies and plans using multiple data points (Google Analytics, sales trends, social media stats, market research, online lead funnel review) 

Salary Range:

  • Competitive base plus commission; compensation based on experience 
  • Base + commission and/or bonuses based on goals achieved 
  • Expected first-year earnings protected between $60,000-$75,000+ depending on experience, with a lot of growth potential 


  • Paid vacation 
  • Paid holidays 
  • Company-sponsored Health Reimbursement account to provide toward health insurance or other health-related expenditures 
  • Company provided Health Savings Account 
  • Paid sick/personal days 
  • Workversary celebrations 
  • Team retreats 
  • Flexible work environment and hours 
  • Phone & mileage reimbursement

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