Social Media Content Intern

Nature’s Way

Welcome to a better way, an authentic way. Welcome to Nature’s Way.

Inside our minds, inside our hearts, inside our business, inside our bottles.

Our reason for being, the purpose that inspires our work every day, is quite simple: Help people live healthy lives.

When we help people live healthy lives, we build a happier, healthier world for everyone.

How we go about our work drives TRUST in who we are, what we do, and the products we produce. That means something important to the world, and it means the world to us.

People TRUST

  • Our products to be the gold standard
  • Our words to be true 
  • Our claims to be honest, 
  • Our actions to have integrity. 

Together we work with an awareness of how even small actions affect others, an attitude of kindness and concern for each other, and a drive for action that helps people live healthy lives.

It’s the best way. The right way. The only way. Nature’s Way.

Be a part of helping people live healthy lives as our new Social Media Content Intern.

Position Details

Social Media Content Intern
Twin Cities Metro
Minneapolis, MN

As a Social Media Content Intern, you will be exposed to many areas within Nature’s Way Marketing department. This role is a great opportunity for someone looking for cross-functional experience or as a feeder role for future social media or content creation positions.


  • Identify weekly TikTok trends and pitch ideas for the brand to participate 
  • Create original content creation for TikTok and other platforms as needed 
  • Edit videos and content based on marketing and legal team feedback 
  • Engage the employees at Nature’s Way to participate in video to help grow our Employee Engagement Program 
  • Assist the social media team and content team as needed


  • Must be a current college student. 
  • Open to Business, Marketing, Communication, Journalism, and other majors.


  • Have experience creating video content 
  • Passionate for online marketing and content creation 
  • Ability to work well with others and build relationships. 
  • A self-starter and excel in a fast-paced, creative environment

This Internship is paid.

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