Social Media Intern

Nalani Services, Inc.

Nalani is a full-service business development firm specializing in marketing, sales, and organization improvement. We discover what inspires our clients, their teams, and their customers so they can achieve their next level of success. We do this through the implementation of initiatives developed to drive greater brand awareness, revenue growth, and team performance.

Position Details

Social Media Intern
Southeast Wisconsin
Menomonee Falls, WI

Are you Facebook savvy? Skilled in the best practices of LinkedIn? Nalani Services seeks a highly dedicated individual who is eager to learn how social media supports the success of marketing, sales, and business growth and success. 

YOU ARE THE IDEAL CANDIDATE if you have a love and talent for B2B and B2C social medial, like playing nice with others, know how to communicate really well, and can bounce from one project to the next in a time efficient and organized manner. Add to that, your ability to build a strong social media following, targeted toward a defined demographic of followers and you’ll feel right at home. Other duties may be assigned but not to worry; they will only add to your positive experience as a member of the Nalani team.


  • Research and report on target markets to promote Nalani, finding and cultivating social media followers to spread the word about Nalani Services throughout southeastern Wisconsin.
  • Research, organize, implement, and track all levels of social media engagement, ensuring follower growth and interaction.
  • Engage all three channels of service offerings equally to include marketing, sales, and operations
  • Present well thought out social media campaigns, and implement such strategies to maximize the company’s presence within the world of social media.
  • Engage peer and client interests, achievements, and activities to be promoted via the company social media pages, blog, and e-newsletter.
  • Utilize social media tools to maximize the company’s social media presence. Assist in blogging about those services offered by the company.
  • Contribute to the monthly Nalani Services e-newsletter. Meet social media goals and other related objectives specific to likes, comments, shares, etc.


You will work out of the Nalani Services, Menomonee Falls office during regular business hours, tailored around your academic schedule (approximately 20 hours per week, ideally spread over three or four days) Additional social media attention required during non-office hours to ensure ongoing engagement with followers. Based upon performance, internship position lasts three months, after which there may be an opportunity for renewal.


  • Demonstrated proficiency in social media.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to develop, communicate, and implement unique and engaging initiatives.
  • Excellent writing and general communication skills.
  • Ability to work effectively on a team and independently.
  • Follow all established tracking and communication procedures.
  • Conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times.


  • Great job skills development.
  • College credit application support.
  • Resume, cover letter, and career development coaching and mentorship.
  • Letter of recommendation tailored around your internship achievements.
  • Formal and informal training opportunities necessary for continued, professional growth.
  • Exposure to regional business leaders in a position to help you meet your future career goals.
  • Fun and engaging work environment.
  • Note: This is an unpaid internship offering many career enhancement benefits.

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