Special Events & Marketing Intern

Milwaukee Downtown, BID #21

Milwaukee Downtown, BID (Business Improvement District) #21 is an organization established in 1998 to support the interests of the downtown Milwaukee business community. Through BID #21 assessments, Milwaukee Downtown funds specific initiatives aimed at creating a clean, safe and friendly downtown. The district currently manages 150 blocks representing approximately 500 commercial property owners.


Position Details

Special Events & Marketing Intern
Southeast Wisconsin
Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee Downtown, BID #21 is seeking a Special Events & Marketing Intern for summer 2019. Responsibilities will include but are not limited to event coordination, social media management and administrative tasks.


14th Annual Downtown Dining Week (May 30-June 6, 2019)

Downtown Dining Week has quickly become one of the most anticipated culinary events of the year! The goal of the event is to create awareness of the wide range of cuisine offered downtown while introducing customers to downtown’s revived landscape with the hope of luring them back. Price points for the multi-course menus are $12.50 for lunch and $25 or $35 for dinner.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Prepare correspondence soliciting restaurant participation
  • Assist Marketing & Events Coordinator with mandatory restaurateur meeting
  • Coordinate drop-off logistics to each participating restaurant
  • Research participating restaurant hours of operation
  • Assist with the creation of an interactive Google Map featuring participating restaurants
  • Ensure restaurant managers have sent in their nominees for Staff of the Week awards
  • Notify Grand Prize winners and Staff of the Week winners by phone/email
  • Send out “Restaurant Participant Survey,” and document feedback 

14th Annual Downtown Employee Appreciation Week (July 22 – July 26, 2019)

Downtown Milwaukee employs over 83,000 employees. Downtown Employee Appreciation Week recognizes this important workforce, which helps to drive the economy for all of southeastern Wisconsin. A “spirit week” and homecoming all rolled into one, Downtown Employee Appreciation Week features a workweek filled with activities at multiple sites throughout downtown and neighboring business centers.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Solicit 1,000-item lunch giveaway donations
  • Solicit raffle prizes, coupons and other donations of value for event swag bags
  • Assist with the coordination and day-of execution of the I Work Downtown Volleyball Tournament at Bradford Beach and the I Work Downtown Trivia Tournament
  • Assist with all pre-event tasks including assembling swag bags, t-shirts, sunglasses, awards, raffle donations, park signage, daily media advisories
  • Available to assist for all events throughout the week, which includes mornings, afternoons and nights, Monday, July 22 – Friday, July 26, 2019 


  • Draft Instagram posts for Marketing & Special Events Coordinator
  • Collaborate with Marketing & Special Events Coordinator for downtown’s social media outlets including, but not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Draft relevant blog content for Milwaukee Downtown blog
  • Maintain HR database and perform routine updates
  • Assist with media list updates May assist with graphic design work if able 


  • Maintain databases, mailing list and vital records
  • Contribute to Milwaukee Downtown Shared/Intern Files
  • Be prepared to professionally assist and answer questions, concerns, comments regarding Milwaukee Downtown via telephone, e-mail, or in-person
  • Assist with Board of Directors preparation, when asked by Executive Assistant

Experience with events and social media marketing is preferred.

Your hourly wage will be $8.00 per hour up to a maximum of 20 hours per week (with the exception of Downtown Employee Appreciation Week, which will offer opportunities for additional hours). You will report to and receive instruction directly from the Marketing & Events Coordinator.

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