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Founded in 1986, KW2 is a full-service marketing and digital agency located in Madison, WI. Working together, we’ve helped organizations all over Wisconsin—including big ones like Berkshire Hathaway, Lands’ End, Schwinn and both the University of and State of Wisconsin—to uncover and convey their own intangible value. No silos, no egos. Just clients and strategists, makers and managers working side-by-side to send the competition running. Find out more at www.kw2madison.com.


Position Details

UX Specialist
Southwest Wisconsin
Madison, WI

Your current title may start with UX, IA or Digital Strategy. These days, it doesn’t really matter what the title is, what you bring to the table is a burning desire to see web applications built with the user in mind. You live, breathe and sleep wireframes, prototypes and can't get enough of modal windows. You have a passion for establishing the digital strategy for web applications and digital campaigns.  Note: This is not  UI position.

  • Setting business, user and digital goals for website projects and digital campaigns.
  • Establish measurement plans and metrics for digital projects.
  • Create and present competitive analysis.
  • Provide the digital perspective on concepting of campaigns that involve digital social or display media outlets. This involves content concepting with Creative personnel, Website/Digital Tactic Project Manager.
  • Provide detailed specifications and wireframes to programmers so they can accurately estimate projects. Work closely with programmers to collaborate on sitemap, wireframes and designs.
  • Add insight to Analytics reports
  • Provide training on an as-needed basis for clients and KW2 employees.
  • Develop and add insights to primary research (interviews, online surveys, focus groups) tactics that fit client and project goals.
  • Develop personas for use in planning and testing websites.
  • Content mapping, including “system” information such as databases and related inputs to the CMS.
  • Develop existing sitemap and recommend new site map.
  • Create a strategic and organized taxonomy for website initiatives.
  • Recommend new labeling that matches how primary and secondary users of websites would recognize these terms.
  • Develop wireframes for each unique content template type as identified in early stages of Planning.
  • Create annotated wireframes that show user-facing functionality.
  • Create annotated wireframes for how CMS will function for content administrators.
  • Creative and Design Reviews
  • Attend design concepting reviews on an as-needed basis.
  • Provide user experience insights and recommendations based on overall strategic direction of the project.


  • Passion for digital & user-centricity
  • Candidate must have a strong understanding of user-centered design principles and be detail oriented 3+ years as a User Experience designer and/or Information Architect
  • Great written and verbal communication skills.
  • Preferably a degree in Human-Computer Interaction, Interaction Design, Graphic Design or related field
  • Ability to create information architecture diagrams, wireframes and protoypes using tools such as Axure, Slickplan, or similar
  • An understanding of branding and marketing considerations and their impact on the user experience
  • Must have a strong understanding of current web trends and technologies
  • Researches and stays up to date on trends and innovations in web design, UX/IA, tools, principles and technologies
  • Portfolio of work that demonstrates your ability to think creatively, develop wireframes/prototypes, personas, use case scenarios, usability testing and other UX/IA deliverables. Please include a link to your portfolio in your application email.

Commensurate with experience.

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